Security when cleaning the roof

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First of all, you have to be very careful when climbing the roof. Use a ladder that is steady and ask someone for help to hold it up and down. Cleaning seems like a simple task, but it requires attention not to slip during the process. Reinforcing safety requires a helmet, non-slip boots to prevent slipping, gloves to protect your hands from any object that can be cut and safety cables. For the roof cleaning in london this is one very important matter.

In fact, it is not recommended that this service be performed by an unaccompanied person. Before you start, remove everything that is around the house that might be damaged potted plants, for example, and check for any damaged tiles to replace quickly. Do not start cleaning without doing this analysis.

Roof Cleaning: Basic Rules

Colder, cloudy days are ideal for cleaning roofs, as hot days can make cleaning products dry too quickly and cause stains on the roof. When cleaning, use a high-pressure washer or a garden sprayer: both help to effectively remove dirt. Bring the equipment to the roof with someone’s help so you avoid column overloading, overweight slips and machine fall.

To prevent shingles from cracking with their weight, it is important to place a wooden board to step on. Position it near the shingle of the tiles. Start by directing the water from the bottom to the top, keeping the equipment always above the part being washed. Go up as you clean each part of the tile.

Use a broom to scrub and remove stubborn dirt.

You can accumulate dirt in the gutter and push in the gutter with the pressure washer. If you have no gutter, you can choose a corner at the bottom of the roof.

Roof Cleaning Products

If dirt is difficult to remove, you may want to use a solution or specific cleaning products. The homemade solution is made by diluting one cup of bleach to each liter of hot water plus half a cup of soap. Let it stand for about 15 minutes and rinse well. At this stage, you can use a hose. Another product you can use is copper sulfate in place of bleach for the same formula as above. You can always look for products specially developed for cleaning tiles.

Tile Durability: Care

In addition to preventing fungal proliferation, thermal paint reduces the heat that roofs transmit into the environment and is considered a sustainable product by helping to reduce air conditioning use. There is a huge variety of thermal roof paints on the market, and yields vary by brand but generally last for five years. The most sought after are the lighter shades, but there are multiple options. With clean and dry tiles it is recommended to apply two to three coats. You can find them at leading building supply stores.

Roof Cleaning: Precautions

Before you climb on your roof and do that cleaning, make sure you have all the safety equipment you need for a roof cleaning and be very careful. On the essentials, list is gloves, non-slip boots, sturdy trash bags and hose. Then check for any broken shingles, as they not only allow water to pass through and cause seepage, they can be a trap for those walking on the roof. Avoid stepping on the ends of tiles as they are more fragile.