What you need to know before heading for new rugs

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Good old rugs for some an anachronism, for others a practical matter, even a necessity. But how to choose the right one that will serve well and will work as a design cherry on the cake of your stylish interior? We have a lot of experience with rugs, so we bring you some basic facts to help you choose. With the rugs at sale prices you can make the finest choices now.

Rugs suitable for allergy sufferers

Although the demand for rugs lags slightly compared to vinyl floors and other modern floors, there are still plenty of clients who can’t let them. You could even say that rugs are back in fashion. With new materials and more interesting designs it serves as a fashion accessory to the interior. Today, the top products are mainly rugs, which can be used to fine-tune or optically separate a specific part of the room. Their selection is endless, especially since they can also be made from footage rugs.

Rugs have the advantage of providing incredible comfort while walking, warming up and reducing noise. Especially if you have children, you will appreciate all these features. With new types of fibers polyamide, polypropylene, rugs have become a suitable floor covering for allergy sufferers. Dust does not whirl on them, unlike non-woven floors, and dirt can easily be vacuumed off with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

So that home designers don’t cry

Rugs have the unique ability to bring your interior to perfection. But to do this you need a little planning. If you want to enlarge the room optically, choose lighter shades (beige, light gray). Similarly, even small patterns will help you. On the other hand, dark rugs with large patterns will optically reduce the room.

Choose the color of the rugs to match the style of furniture you have or will have in the room. In general, it is advisable to choose decent colors and patterns that are universal. If you prefer a minimalist style of living, you can even look for wilder patterns – chessboard, animal motifs, multi-colored rugs. And do not forget that the color of the rugs should match the color of the room.

Mimoni, Cars and Bee May

It is true that the children’s room can bear a lot. There is a choice often influenced by the preference of comic book characters and serial heroes. Children are supposed to grow up in an inspiring environment, so you can enjoy the vibrant colors and combinations. Don’t be afraid to let loose your imagination.

Practicality in the first place

Low looped pile rugs are best maintained. This is necessary to choose in kitchens, corridors and living rooms, where the rugs are most stressed and where there is a risk of various dirt sticking. The low -density, high-density hair also fits into nursery rooms to keep the cubes in place when building a chimney. In the bedroom you can place a more luxurious rugs with high cut hair that will fall in love with your bare feet on the first step. Rugs life is directly proportional to fiber density per m². The more fibers, the more durable the rugs when choosing your new rug, do not be shy to examine each sample in detail.