Wine testing Options As Per Your Requirement


We all know that tasting wine to make up your own mind is the best step to make no mistake and especially to make the right choice. The reason is quite simple: we all have our own taste and we can all appreciate the same wine differently. But don’t make me say what we didn’t say “Your choice will always be the right one because it’s yours!” The use of AsureQuality happens to be essential now.

The same wine will be rated differently depending on the environment

We often have a great opportunity to taste (do a tasting) of new wines. You should not deprive yourself of it! These are often unique moments to discover a new region, a new grape variety, a small estate or simply a new vintage. However, you should know that depending on when and where you taste you will not appreciate the wine in the same way! The environment plays on your judgment. Your physical shape and your psychological predisposition also play a role. It has already happened to all of us to greatly appreciate a wine one day … and to have a completely different judgment a few days (or weeks) later. This is perfectly normal. Afterward, you shouldn’t make a fuss about it either because it must remain a pleasure.

The Right Dishes Are Key

Prefer a wine glass, ideally a tulip-shaped glass. It will allow the wine to aerate while concentrating the aromas on the upper part. – A glass for each of the wines. If you have to taste several at the same time, this is ideal. This allows, in particular, to better compare the wines with each other. Before starting the tasting, let your wine aerate for about a minute. It will depend on the wine but it needs to be aerated after long months in its bottle.

Under What Conditions Do The Tasting?

It is best to do it in a neutral (odor and color) and a calm environment. It is not always easy especially when you do it outside, in public, at friends, at a fair or at a winemaker, but it is important. For example, if you want to make up your mind about wine while you are in a restaurant with strong smells of grilling, part of your senses will already be saturated by this environment! That’s not to say it’s impossible, it’s just that your analysis will be “only” partial.

In What Order To Taste The Wines?

It is best to start with the least potent wines. We are not necessarily talking about the alcohol level but a wine with a lot of material. The reason is again quite simple. If you start with a wine that is too powerful, the following will not be able to express their richness and complexity. Indeed, each grape variety, each vineyard, each plot can indeed reveal specific characteristics.

How To Assess Wine

Just respect these 3 steps, they will allow you to make your own choice:

The eye: Look at the wine: the color, the shine, the nuances, the dress.

The nose: Smell the wine, 1st nose glass still and the second nose after shaking and aeration.

The mouth: Taste the wine

The attack, the development on the palate and finally the final nut this evaluation remain very personal and you will each have a different appreciation, this is normal. This method will just allow you to break down the tasting and give you the reading grid to assess the wine as a whole, nothing more! After that, there are some who prefer to taste in the fields, and they are right.