The three layers of a surgical mask protect all from the deadly virus

face mask uk

At present, the whole society is affected by the coronavirus and we all know that it is spread chiefly through breathing droplets so wearing masks have become an unavoidable one in every human beings life, the report given by WHO states that the people who don’t have any symptoms of the coronavirus may spread the disease to anyone, the reason is the droplets that come out while sneezing or breathing. And over forty-eighty percentage of the virus spread done by those who don’t have any symptoms.

The medical masks:

By seeing a physical appearance of a man we can’t decide that he has been affected by coronavirus so we need to take care of ourselves for that we need to wear the masks even though the science about the masks is not conclusive, they prevent us from being affected by the virus so fast. The face mask uk have been work well in stopping the spread of the coronavirus from those who have symptoms of the virus.

Masks in public places:

Many of the researchers also boost the use of the medical masks in the public places to save the people from the virus, if it is true the use of masks surely helps to avert the spread of the virus. Using a simple cloth to cover the mouth and nose is also a good work says the CDC, but currently WHO doesn’t support the use of normal clothes as coronavirus is getting serious and spread fast.

And they also suggest that the materials of surgical masks are not for the public and they care about the safety of medical workers and other healing responders. Wearing masks is not alone to help us to prevent the virus infection we need to follow the various defensive measures like maintaining the hygienic environment and following the social distancing and washing the hands regularly also the important procedures we need to follow to escape ourselves from this deadly virus.

Guidelines for the people:

WHO forms many steps and also advises the people who must wear masks all those who take care of the person who is affected by the coronavirus must wear masks and gloves without fail. And the people who have symptoms of corona virus-like sneezing also need to wear the masks while going to any public places.

The CDC states that wearing the clothes or masks around the face may cause problems to follow to physical separation, those public places are pharmacies, workplaces, healthcare shops and hospitals, pharmacies.

Types of the masks:

The masks are manufactured in different styles and levels, the various types of masks are face-covering masks, respirators, and surgical masks. In these masks the surgical mask is a form of PPE which is made loosely to fit in the nose and mouth, these masks can’t stop the lesser droplets but prevent us from the droplets that come out while sneezing and the splashes or sprays and also from the big cough droplets. So wearing a mask is not a permanent solution to prevent the virus infection we need to keep the social distancing and we need to wash our hands rapidly and should not go out unnecessarily.