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Here is a brief description of the most common payment systems that bookmakers work with 먹튀검증 . WebMoney is the most popular payment system among players from the CIS. The temptation of WebMoney is in several ways of depositing and withdrawing money as well as in the ease of registration. The minus of the system is the 0.8% commission for the transfer of funds and the fact that not all Western bookmakers work with it.

Yandex Money is another domestic payment system. It is accepted by all bookmakers of the post-Soviet space. For the withdrawal of funds, a commission of 3% is charged. Of the serious western bookmakers, few people work with Yandex Money, for example, William Hill.

Skrill is the most popular payment system in the world. Her recognition, both among bookmakers and among players, is justified by the absence of various commissions. The Skrill system offers its users a number of prizes and bonuses, as well as a loyalty program. The disadvantage of the system is the complicated registration and the requirement to verify documents. Nevertheless, this drawback is completely covered by all the advantages of the payment system. Having a Skrill wallet, you can deposit and withdraw funds at any bookmaker in the world. In addition, one can distinguish such payment systems as Neteller and Qiwi, but they are inferior in popularity to the systems described above.

Basic rules and possible mistakes of beginners: how to avoid them

Beginner Mistakes

A list of simple game rules that can protect you from many mistakes:

  • Put only on those sports that you know well,
  • Play in offices only with high odds,
  • Make a preliminary analysis of the sporting event that you intend to bet on,
  • Play according to your own strategy. Do not make rash bets,
  • Do not put more than 1-2% of the bankroll,

Betting on sports in live, long express trains over four events, and stakes such as “I will watch the match” is not recommended.

Types of sports betting

What are ordinals and the principle of express bets? In all bookmakers two types of sports betting are now popular: ordinary and express.

Ordinary is the simplest type of bet. They are also called single bets. It doesn’t matter what you bet to win, draw or a number of goals, if the bet is placed on only one event this is ordinary. Payout at such a rate is calculated extremely easily by multiplying the bet size and the odds.

Express trains: Many beginners are wondering on how to make an express bet? An express bet is a bet consisting of several ordinaries at least two, that is, to put an express you need to immediately select several events from the list of the bookmaker. To determine the win at such a bet, it is necessary to multiply the odds of all the events included in the express and then multiply the resulting total odds by the size of the bet.

To win by express, it is required that all events included in it win. In case of loss of at least one event from the express, it is considered to be a loser.