The most recommended motel chain among the travelers

Motel 6

A road trip is your best bet if you’re the adventurous type and want to explore the true self of the USA. Landing from flights or trains directly at some familiar tourist-friendly places is not the ideal way if you really want to “see” the country. Tourist spots are often artificially designed to give you the best “feel-good” experience; hence you’d never be able to know its people, its culture, its nature. Here in this article, I’ll tell you about the most recommended motel chain, Motel 6 , to spend those nights on your road trip – we will come to that in a while.

A road trip is, of course, a great way to visit and explore all the places, but there’s a downside too, that is cost. You have to calculate and prepare for all possible expenses; otherwise, there will be some nasty surprise for you. First thing first, you’ll need a car to be rented, a good and reliable one which won’t break while carrying you to places. Then consider the gas price. It’s relatively low in the USA though. You’ll need room to rest at night, and lots of other expenses you have to bear every day.

Now when it comes to night stop, you have two options. First is the conventional hotels, which can be pricey depending on the which state/city you’re you’re crossing. Another option is relatively cheaper but without any significant downside. I mean who needs a flat-screen TV with 100 cable channels if you just want to rejuvenate yourself by a good night sleep! A street-side motel would be able to provide you just what you need at that time – a soft, clean bed!

If you’re thinking that there are other low-cost options like Airbnb, and even some free options like camping or staying inside in your car at night, you’re not alone. Lots of travelers do those ways too, but if you ask me, I do not recommend those at all. While camping or sleeping in a car provides a sense of adventure, keep in mind that you’re not doing it for just a single night. You want to cover most of the lands of the USA. Therefore it’s not advisable at all that you do camping or sleep in your car every night of your trip, because most of the territory would be unknown to you and there can and will be unexpected dangers.

Motel 6 is the best option for those with a tight budget

Safety and security should be the utmost priority if you really want to enjoy your trip. A motel room is hard to be defeated just because of that, as well as for its affordability too.

Motels are available in all places no matter where you are in the USA unless you’re really in a remote deserted place. Here I will talk about the most famous motel chain in the USA, Motel 6. They offer all the modern amenities in their rooms, but only the essential ones – not the fancy things. They do provide a comfortable stay at a meager price that hardly any other motel chain can match.