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The motorhome families: the nasturtium and its cap in which there is a double bed, the profile the most sold, the integral the most luxurious, the furnished van, the van the most compact, the liner even more luxurious, the expedition motorhome, the removable cell on pick-up, the removable kit in a toy car or a utility vehicle. There is a wide variety of motorhomes. With the motorhome hire you can have the best options.

Heavy goods and light vehicles: most motorhomes sold in France have a total authorized weight (GVW) of 3.5 tones. They can, therefore, be driven with a simple B license. Beyond this gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tones, the motorhome is a heavyweight, which can only be driven with a heavyweight permit (C or C1) or with a permit B before January 20, 1975 (derogation B79). Read our article on heavy-duty motorhomes

Settlement families

It is the bedding that determines the location of the motorhome. There is usually a room for two people at the back of the motorhome. It will include a central bed lengthwise, a transverse bed widthwise, or even twin beds. But there are also motorhomes with bunk beds or without a permanent bed on the ground, the beds are then retracted into the ceiling, or made from convertible benches.

The history of the motorhome

It was at the very beginning of the 20th century that we saw the first motorhomes appear in England, France and the USA. Handicrafts are marginal in their time and today extremely rare. In 1948, the caravan manufacturer Notin released its first motor model, followed in 1950 by Digue. 1951 marks the arrival of the first layouts of the Volkswagen Combi by Westfalia with the Camping Box. It was especially in the 1980s that the motorhome democratized, with the arrival of manufacturers offering series vehicles and starting to decline their achievements according to different types and different ranges of models. In 1988 the Motorhome World was created.

The different uses

Leisure: travel, holidays, weekend outings, the motorhome is a leisure vehicle.

Professional use: hairdressers, dog groomers, gendarmes, journalists, singers and actors. The motorhome is useful to many professionals.

Living year-round: active or retired, full-timers use their motorhome as a main residence.

The motorhome industry

The production of motorhomes is particularly developed in North America (the USA and Canada), in Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy) as well as in Japan. Unsurprisingly, it is in these countries that the practice of motorhomes is most widespread. Manufacturers obtain the carrier from car manufacturers, and various equipment and other fittings from specialized manufacturers.

Motorhome remains one of the best ways to go on vacation or just to have a long weekend. Always very fashionable you can make many trips freely, and with very little preparation. The wine route always remains a sure bet for our regions. On French territory, you can also visit the many castles present throughout your journey. These new vans have a very comfortable layout that would make you want to hit the road more regularly: whether to visit the villages of France or to join the family campsite and meet up with your family, a getaway to the sea.

A few years ago these trips looked like real journeys with poorly equipped camper vans, where the use of the stove in a small and cramped cabin was synonymous with bivouac. The current motorhome models are now very comfortable mobile homes.