Right Options for Proper Moving Processes

Best movers San Diego

Even if you hire a removal company, there is no guarantee for a carefree removal day. This appears from a survey that they conducted in the summer of 2019 among no fewer than 12,000 respondents. Movers who do not show up things that are broken or lost or a poor estimate of the amount of work as a result of which costs are higher than agreed. So never switch on the first mover, but make a well-considered choice. Choosing the Best movers San Diego is a wise choice there.

Price differences

There are huge price differences between moving companies. The price for a move of the same household contents can range from $ 337 to $ 2312, according to a practical test from August 2019 in which we requested more than 30 quotations.


Request a quote from multiple companies. This can be done directly at the removal company, or via the Moving Offers service of the Consumers’ Association.

Estimating the size of your household effects is important for the costs. The chance of a wrong estimate is therefore reduced. In case of doubt, ask whether the removal company is visiting in advance.

Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the conditions. Look especially at the insured amount in the event of damage to the deductible.

Do they work with an all-in price or with an hourly rate and subsequent calculation? With a fixed all-in price, the risk of a wrong estimate is for the removal company. With a quote based on actual costs, you pay any additional costs.

Check these matters

  • Does the company charge a surcharge for moving house during the weekend?
  • Are all things insured and for how much? Do they pay out the current value or the new value?
  • Non-recognized removal companies sometimes charge a deductible, so not all damage is compensated.

Authorized movers

There are around 450 professional removal companies in our country. 235 movers are affiliated with the branch organization. Over 260 movers are affiliated with our Comparison Moving Offers service. Of these, 30% are recognized and 70% are not recognized. Authorized movers are often more expensive but offer certainty on the following points:

  • They all work with the same conditions. They have been determined in consultation with us.
  • They issue a Warranty Certificate. So you know for sure that the move will continue. Even if a removal company goes bankrupt in the meantime.
  • Your household effects are insured up to an amount of $ 100,000 based on a new value. The replacement value is the amount that you need to be able to purchase new items.
  • If the current market value is less than 40% of the new value, you will receive the current market value.
  • You will receive a maximum reimbursement of $ 5,000 per event for the loss or theft of jewelry.
  • With recognized movers you have no deductible. Only damage lower than $ 23 will not be paid

Do you have problems and can’t get out with the moving company? Then go to the Moving Disputes Committee.

Unauthorized removal companies

Moving companies that are not affiliated with the trade association are often cheaper. But these companies usually work with an hourly rate and on the basis of actual costs. If they misjudge the size of your household effects, you will pay the extra costs. That chance is great because many moving companies make a price estimate without looking at your house.