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Why is the Internet becoming one of the most important marketing channels? The fact is that the classic concepts of promotion personal sales, sales promotion (discounts, promotions), word of mouth, advertising, and persuasion all are actively migrating to the Internet. Through the Latest Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews and training, you will be able to have the best deals now.

Therefore, in this review, we will look at what is happening around us, how the world is changing thanks to the Internet, and new digital technologies. We divide the concept of Internet marketing into four key blocks and consider in detail each separately. We will discuss new opportunities for promotion. Consider examples and cases. Go.

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing (internet marketing or digital marketing) is a whole range of activities using online marketing tools that companies use to communicate with their customers and customers to sell them their product or service.

What are these tools? There are quite a lot of them, and therefore, it is easy for a non-specialist to get confused. To make it easier for you to understand and visualize the entire landscape of Internet marketing, I made a clear visual map with four key blocks. According to them, all Internet marketing can be divided into the following parts: Search, Display advertising, Electronic commerce, and Analytics.

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, this mental map will help you quickly understand the basic elements of internet marketing.

Overview of the Internet space

Let’s start by making a brief overview of what is happening around us – how the world is changing thanks to the Internet and digital technologies.

  1. People who watch TV a little migrate to the Internet:
  2. For the first half of 2018, the Runet caught up and even slightly bypassed TV by advertising revenue: It is important to note here that 80% of Runet is contextual advertising (more on this below).
  3. Offline and online communication channels with the consumer are actively combined into one continuous customer service. The main thing is that the buyer is comfortable no matter where he is, how he buys (online or offline) and what device he uses (he could start on a computer, and he continued with a smartphone).

This is called omnicanality:

  • Now it is very important for a business to be present at all touch points via the mobile Internet in order to attract the consumer: video, otzoviki sites, and search.
  • The website of the company or brand should be as user-friendly as possible from a mobile device (still not all have understood it)
  • For many companies, the role of the mobile application is increasing (but not for everyone, it is important to understand this and not waste money)

Now let’s consider in turn each of the four main blocks of Internet marketing, which we have already discussed above.


Finding the right information is the basic need of every Internet user. This is where the Internet began. Therefore, Yandex and Google are confidently included in the TOP-5 of the most visited resources of Runet.

In response to your request, the search robot provides links to resources with relevant information. They are ranked using a sophisticated search engine algorithm according to the degree of maximum utility for the user. Therefore, on the first page of the search results usually, appear the most relevant resources that can best help a person find the answer to his question.

As can be seen from the figure above, the standard search engine page consists of three parts:

  • Search query (in our case, “Internet marketing”)
  • Contextual advertising (paid ad, signed with a yellow “advertising” icon)
  • Organic issue (real unpaid search results)

If your market is actively looking for goods or services on the Internet, then the company makes sense to strive to get into the issuance of such requests.