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The electronic cigarette, you come across it more and more on the street. Is it better or not better than tobacco? Dangerous or harmless, does this fashion have an interest? What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarette? Quick tour about received ideas, true or false. A visit to makes things perfect now. You can find all the supports there. You can be the best there and that is the reason you can go for the smart choices.

You can quit smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette


It’s a fact: observational studies show that more than 70% of smokers quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes. This figure can be obtained provided that smokers at the start use devices that give them the same level of nicotine as their usual cigarettes.

In addition, it is advisable to “vape” e-cigarettes at will, while not banning usual cigarettes. The smokers who proceed in this way are those who pass most easily, from cigarette to e-cigarette, and this in a few months. Subsequently, these e-smokers often want to reduce the nicotine level of their e-cigarette and succeed gradually.

The electronic cigarette is useless if it contains nicotine.


Many believe that if you are addicted to nicotine with the e-cigarette, it is useless to stop smoking. It is a huge mistake. In classic cigarettes, the danger does not come from nicotine. It comes from the combustion of tobacco-producing tars, fine particles and extremely toxic gas, carbon monoxide. These are the substances that cause the danger of tobacco, cancer, cardiovascular problems, fertility problems, chronic bronchitis, etc. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any of these substances. It is for this reason that smokers switching to electronic cigarettes find their breath, their sexual vitality (better erections for men and better vaginal lubrication), stop spitting and coughing (in a few months if their lungs are still in good enough) and feel much better in a few days and even better in a few weeks.

  • For the bravest, you even plan to quit classic cigarettes completely?
  • Have you heard of electronic cigarettes?
  • What are the advantages of buying an electronic cigarette?

The vast question, for many reasons.

It is dangerous to smoke on the same day e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette.


When switching to electronic cigarettes, it is not forbidden to smoke conventional cigarettes. This poses no particular danger. On the contrary, tobacco specialists note that the fact of not placing a ban helps to stop quietly without making too much effort. And this is a good thing because the effort is very difficult to maintain in the long term.

Inhaling nicotine, that of conventional cigarettes and that of electronic cigarettes, in the same day does not present any particular danger compared to smoking only cigarettes from the tobacco industry, quite the contrary since each electronic cigarette that replaces a classic cigarette lowers the levels of tar, carbon monoxide and toxic particles that pass into the lungs.

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