For the Apple juice and Its Making

Apple juice

We see it everywhere. These cold-pressed juices. But why? What are their virtues? Why such an interest? First, we will explain the difference, in their manufacturing method, between the juices made in the blender or in the centrifuge and those made with a cold press juice extractor (which gives the juices that interest us in this article). Then we will talk about the naturopathic and therapeutic interests that arise from these cold-pressed juices. The use of Apple juice is there now.

Blender, centrifuge vs cold press juice extractor

With a blender or a centrifuge, the fibers are preserved, while they are separated with a cold press juice extractor (the juice comes out on one side of the device and the fibers on the other). A blender or a centrifuge turns at 10,000 rpm while a juice extractor turns very slowly (40 to 100 rpm).

Three drawbacks to this high speed of rotation:

  • the air produced oxidizes the juice’s nutrients in fruits and vegetables have deteriorated.
  • nutrients are heated.

A disadvantage of maintaining fibers:

  • Nutrients are trapped in fibrous cells
  • The Benefits of Cold Press Juices

Cold-pressed juices help our body to preserve the nutrients it needs. In fact, the intake of minerals, trace elements and vitamins from fruits and vegetables is only effective if they are not heated. You will then understand why, by turning so slowly, the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables are optimal with a cold press juice extractor.

  • It is interesting to consume vegetables for their fiber, mineral, trace element and vitamin intake, but if we only eat them cooked it is useless, we must eat them raw. (Just like olive oil and walnut oil, if they are heated, their advantages in age are called into question.
  • Also by crushing food, the centrifuge or blender will spoil the nutrients (which are very fragile) in fruits and vegetables, where, again, the cold press juice extractor will preserve them.

And when we know that the supply of trace elements is necessary for proper cellular functioning (and therefore for the proper functioning of our entire body) but that, in view of our refined diet and our polluted environment, we In crucial lack, it is particularly recommended to consume cold-pressed juice to make up for this deficiency.

Protect your digestive tract with cold-pressed juices

By separating the fibers from the juice, we help improve our digestion. Indeed, by lightening our digestive tract of fibers, we put it at rest, allowing our vitality to work on other “operating fields” of our body (nervous system, immune system). In naturopathy, this is called “vital dispatching” and cold-pressed juices are a big part of it.


With their fibers, fruits and vegetables can also cause intestinal fermentation in some people. And these repeated fermentations damage our biotope (intestinal mucosa) by transforming our intestinal barrier into a real colander, allowing all kinds of bacteria to enter our body. This undermines our immune system, which is then abnormally stressed. So by being discharged of their fibers (which neither the centrifuge nor the blender), the cold-pressed juices allow our digestive tract to regenerate.