Black desk And Your Preferences: Look for the best

black desk

Choosing furniture for the office is not always an easy task, as well as leaving the environment beautiful and light, they also need to be functional. Have you ever wondered if it is better to invest in a self-supporting table or a platform?

Choosing the right desk for your office

In this article, you will check out some tips for choosing the right black desk for your office.

Freestanding table x platform table

Generally speaking, the self-supporting table has sufficient structure to support itself and does not depend on fixing to the floor or wall, as above. The platform table, as you see below, is more fixed and can also be known as a workstation.

In doubt? Here’s how to make no mistake in choosing:

  • Regardless of which model you choose, the table needs to be specific height so that it is not too high or low because if the height is not correct, people will have to force their arms and spine to work.
  • Ergonomics is a serious issue in the workplace, asks a professional for information, or sees more information on how to have an ergonomic work environment on our blog.
  • Escape the tables with flashy colors, such as red, as this kind of color tires your eyesight quickly. Invest in more neutral colors like white, clay or use woody finish colors. The blend of neutral and woody colors is a trend, ennobling the environment, making it cozier and yet bringing a bit of nature to your work environment.


When choosing the table it is essential to think about its functionality. Do you intend to install computers on the workstation? So it is important that the table has a solution for passing the wires. Give preference to desks that already have drawers and shelves as this will make it easier to organize documents, personal effects and optimize the workspace.

Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic chairs are just as important as desks because people usually spend about eight hours a day sitting in an office. In this sector there is a great diversity of chairs, basically:

  • With seat and back of plastic or wood, which are not recommended for those who sit for a long time
  • With cushioned seat and back, suitable for longer use. They have good compliance to better accommodate the back and not restrict circulation to the legs. They are coated with a material that allows good perspiration and has adjustments to better suit the user. Wheels may be more suitable for tiled floors or carpet. Of course, in this case, comfort and durability cost more.
  • If in your office people spend hours at the computer, it is also important that the chair has rest to put its arms.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a professional career, based on continuous and incessant formation, which does not represent work and studies far beyond daily work. As a result, full-time or freelance work options grow, with an in-house office that facilitates this practice.

It is from there that thinking of the space to be created, as a pleasant environment that stimulates work or study, is necessary, starting with the choice of appropriate furniture, which excels for efficiency, modernity, but without leaving ergonomics aside. This is the case of the office desk.