Archery Tag Game Types

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Their area unit many alternative varieties of sport Tag games you’ll play, and that we area unit perpetually inventing new ones to feature a replacement part of fun and surprise. best archery tag singapore Here area unit a number of that we have a tendency to tend to play on a regular basis.


In a traditional game of sport Tag, the target is to tag all players on the opposing team. whether or not you’re getting to be strategic associated patient or strike with a complete attack is up to you. once a player is labelled, they need to walk to the sidelines with a hand within the air. they will come back to the sport if a player from their team hits a target on the opposing group’s target stand. A team wins if either all players on the opposing team area unit eliminated, or all targets within the target stand area unit shot out.


For a game of Revival sport Tag, every team on the Q.T. selects one player on their team to be the ‘doctor’. Throughout the sport, rather than getting to the sidelines once players area unit labelled, players have a seat directly wherever they’re labelled. The ‘doctor’ will go around and ‘revive’ cut player, transferral them into the sport. the sport continues as long because the ‘doctor’ continues to be alive. Once the ‘doctor’ is labelled, the opposing team should tag all the remaining players to win the sport.


Players should wear safety masks once a game is in session to safeguard their face and eyes. aside from that, the foam-tipped arrows area unit padded enough that no alternative safety instrumentation is required and players expertise no pain once “hit” with our sport Tag®arrows. to make sure the protection of our players, we have a tendency to solely use authentic instrumentation purchased from international sports product INC., situated in Indiana, USA.


Face Mask

Our sport Tag Certified Face Masks can keep you safe throughout your game. The rubber band makes them a one-size-fits-all, and that we sterilize every mask at the tip of every game.


Free-for-all is comparable to however it sounds. There aren’t any groups and every player should defend themselves. the sole factor is that you just cannot tag players that area unit on the identical facet of the safe zone as you. this can be an excellent thanks to verifying UN agency the champion archer is of all the participants!


At the start of a Juggernaut game, every team is given a protect. The protect should tend to a player on the team UN agency won’t be able to use a bow for the period of this game. The ‘juggernaut’ will use the protect to defend teammates from oncoming arrows. Once the juggernaut is labelled, they’re out for the sport and may not hand off the protect to their teammates. the target in a very juggernaut game is to tag every player on the opposing team, as well as the juggernaut.

Archery Bow

Our sport Tag Certified Longbows can offer you the ability and accuracy you wish to win!

Archery Foam-Tipped Arrow

Our sport Tag Certified Foam-Tipped Arrows area unit designed in order that you are feeling nearly no pain once affected by an associate arrow.

Archery Tag Targets

Our sport Tag Targets area unit employed in most game sorts. The circles may be shot out, and once they area unit you’ll usher in a mate UN agency has been labelled. If you shoot all of them out, your team wins.


All participants area unit needed to sign a liability discharge.