Why Analog camera resolution has less video recording quality in it?

Security camera that can defend your home

Safety and security are some of the most important things that most people used to take care of it. In this case, when we used to talk about security the first thing to remind us about the security cameras. So without the help of security cameras, we cannot able to trace out the thieves and any other misbehavior by the people. And now let us have an overlook of both the Analog and IP CCTV. These are not the only types that we can able to focus on this particular type of camera. A Security camera that can defend your home however the type it belongs to

According to Analog and the IP type, CCTV both types would allow the customer to operate it using the remote monitoring options. With the help of a digital hard drive, we could able to record those videos. If you wish to know about the video resolution it gives one of the best qualities like 4k or else the 1080 pixel type images or video recordings. If you take an Analog type CCTV then we can make sure that there is a person behind the camera who is viewing all the things just by staying in a single place, because it sends only the visuals and hence this work is done between the connections made using a coaxial cable. Once the cable is connected with the camera and the DVR which is called a Digital Video Recorder then it starts it working to record and store the activities. Even the users are allowed to enable the camera recording options within their mobile phones.

What is the work function behind the wireless camera?

While seeing about the wired camera we have seen, the actual functions are made by using the cable that it connected in-between the camera and DVD, but the same in wireless type cameras it is completely different for example once the camera starts its recording options then at the same it used to send the data by transferring it to a digital signal. A normal person cannot able to understand these kinds of digital signals; here normally the work functions look like a brain. And if there is no other system to receive the signal then we cannot able to view those recordings that are stored from a wireless camera.

As with DVR, we have NVR to convert those digital signals to video recordings. While other systems are like cloud-based options, that can be accessed from the cloud-like online service. Once the camera is connected with a network then just by using its IP address we can see any kind of camera and its recordings just by staying in the same place. finally the resolution there are a few differences in the camera which means the Analog type camera is designed based on eight pixeled with 4k resolution camera, and then the IP address camera has the Thirty Mega Pixel with the improved resolution technology. While comparing both types we could able to get the accuracy by using IP CCTV. So this is how we could relate both types of cameras.