Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino

Winning at a casino is indeed a fortune thing, but to win even bigger, you need to learn a few insights into the casino games.

Here are a few tips from the casino experts that can help you beat the odds :

  1. Practice, practice and keep practicing

Video poker is the only game that brushes off the prevalent myth of ‘house winning it all always.’

Herein, the house usually has an edge of as little as 0.46% and sometimes even less. The only way to take advantage of this fact is through proper and adequate knowledge of the game. One needs to be skilled enough to master at video poker, so keep practicing and winning big. You can practice your favorite casino games at osg777. Casino authorities earn great profits when unskilled gamblers land over to play video poker.

  1. Don’t get distracted and focus only on the prize money

The casinos nowadays have started to fascinate the gamblers by having pole dancers, or bikini-clad dealers at their table games, which is nothing but a trick to distract the gamblers. Adjust your focus on the prize money of the table rather than the sexy legs of the pole dancers. By focusing the attention of gamblers towards the sensual bikini-clad dealers, the casino authorities cleverly reduce the payouts at these tables from 3/2 to 6/5, which hence expanding the house edge.

  1. Don’t go for Keno

Truly, playing it is more upsetting and less entertaining because it is just too hard to match all twenty numbers. The probability of winning at it is just too less to take a risk.

  1. Don’t fall for the lights

The casino authorities are very smart and they very well know how to trap the gamblers in the games with the worst odds. Whenever we enter a casino, we presume the games with the brightest colors and lights to be the most fascinating and rewarding ones. But the truth is that the bright lights are just a cover for the dark/ worst odds. Therefore, always choose to go with the bleak games that actually serve better odds.

  1. Don’t forget to keep a check on time

Have you ever noticed that casinos never have those big clocks on their walls? Yes, they don’t even have windows. The idea behind this is to let the gamblers lose the track of time and keep playing incessantly. Some casino authorities have even prohibited wearing watches to their casino for the same reason. This is yet another trick to empty your pockets.  So whenever you visit a casino, remember that the most important accessory to carry along is a watch. When you have earned a good amount, it might be the right time to leave.

  1. Know when is the time to stop

In roulette, the house has a 5 percent edge. The gamblers have a good chance to win at the first, second, third, or consecutive spins, but that does not mean that the likelihood keeps on increasing. There will be a point when the house will steal away all your earnings. They already calculate the point where they will be ensured winners, usually after 30,000 hands. Therefore, when you have won more than you have spent, know that it’s time to stop.

  1. Take advantage of the laws of nature.

We all know that all mechanical instruments tend to wear with time, and the roulette wheel is no exception. With time, the wheel turns unbalanced and starts to favor certain numbers. Discovering such numbers can help the gambler make millions. For example, Joseph Jagger found one such wheel and wagered on the biased numbers, and guess what? It made him millions.

  1. Go big or just don’t play

The slot machines are 2-3 times costlier than the table games, which is why the players with a low budget go for the table games. For the ones who still wish to play slots, remember that it is not beneficial to play for pennies here, you should always play big at the slots. Try to choose the slots that cost at least more than $5 and place the maximum wager. Penny slots are mostly in the favor of the house, so it’s better to not play with them.

  1. ‘Free’-is just a bait

Every casino has its own “player reinvestment fund” wherein they anticipate the amount a gambler shall lose and accordingly pay back a percentage of that in the form of favors like free cocktails. The truth is higher the chances of losing, higher will be the chance of getting a free drink.

  1. Look for the butterfingered dealer

Yes, the ones who unintentionally flash down the face-card. Such dealers are like your trump card and can help you gain an edge over the house by 6-9%.