Things You Need to know about Naati CCL test

Since Australia has been the most favoured nation for the immigrants to settle down, the Australian government has made the strict legislations for them to attain their citizenship for it. Despite this they have offered many options to do this including professional years, work experience, PTE or IELTS, etcetera. They have come up with this test which help you in securing five more points for your residency.

This test requires knowledge of at least two languages, one is English as compulsory and other is Language Other Than English (LOTE) which can be your first language such as Spanish, Italian, Punjabi, Hindi, and all other such languages accepted by NAATI.

The test is divided in two parts known as dialogues which are of 45 marks respectively, where passing each of them is mandatory along with an overall passing score. For individual dialogue the score is 29 whereas for overall passing one requires 63 scores. The preparation of this test requires a thorough knowledge of the English grammar concepts specifically tenses as well as a good grip of the vocabulary is essential to have a swift translation of the given segments. Another crucial component of NAATI training is to have the evaluation your performance in a real test environment for which good reputed institute can be your aid.

So far NAATI test has been based on the real time scenarios such as going to centre link for getting some allowances, fighting a case in the court, having a conversation with your kid’s teacher at school, conversating with immigration officer and so on. You will listen to the dialogue segment wise, each of both languages alternatively. There will be twelve segments in dialogue which you need to translate after the beep tone.

On the day of your test, you will be invigilated by some examiner who is not aware of your LOTE. He/she will play and stop the track for you while your answers will be recorded in the recorder which are then sent to the separate examiners for marking. You will have 35 minutes to accomplish your task with some pens and papers provided for your notetaking.

Your results are expected to be published within a time frame of one to six weeks depending on the number of students appeared. You get your results in your email accounts confirming that you passed your test.

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