Rain + Cleethorpes = Fun!

You may doubt us, but the weather really doesn’t have to put a damper on your day or your choice of activities to do during the day for that matter!

Whether you’re visiting Cleethorpes or you’re a local, rain has always been an issue with halting plans and having to rearrange activities, unfortunately, the weather cannot be controlled, although on the plus side, you can arrange your plans around the weather, and here a few things to do when it’s raining:

1. Visit the arcades

The Mint Arcade is not only a great retreat for when the weather is a bit damp, it’s a great way to rid of all of those pennies and even re-live you childhood of wasting the day away on the machines and winning nothing but more pennies.

2. Go to the leisure centre

The logic of getting wet when you don’t want to, versus jumping into a swimming pool – a heated one at that – seems more inviting, don’t you think?
You can stay warm and have a brilliant day out at the leisure centre, where’s there’s a gym and even a squash court too.

3. Watch a film

The Parkway Cinema and Theatre isn’t just a place to watch films, the venue also hosts the regular comedy nights and shows.

4. Discover the Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a great way to get your fill of culture, with some fantastic exhibitions from local artists, and most of the admittance is free!

Rain should never be an excuse to stop your plans for the day, and in Cleethorpes, there are many alternatives!

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Events in Grimsby: May to July 2014

There are many up and coming events in Grimsby that excite us, but below are some of the biggest acts in the Grimsby area from May until July this year. Whether it’s music, comedy, fitness, relaxation, history or stage that you crave, be sure to use the following events to fill all of your fantasies!


Times: From Wednesday, May 15 2013 to Wednesday, May 14 2014


Times: From Wednesday, May 22 2013 to Wednesday, May 21 2014

Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

Times: From Tuesday, August 06 2013 to Thursday, July 31 2014

N.E Lincolnshire Makers & Creators. New members evening.

Times: From Monday, September 30 2013 to Sunday, September 14 2014

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Times: From Wednesday, October 23 2013 to Tuesday, October 07 2014

Auction Night

Times: From Tuesday, March 25 2014 to Tuesday, November 25 2014

Trolleybus Museum

Times: From Saturday, March 29 2014 to Sunday, October 26 2014

Rick Wakeman With The Jules Verne Symphony Orchestra

Times: on Thursday, May 01 2014

The Illegal Eagles: Eagles Tribute

Times: on Friday, May 02 2014

Buddy Holly’s Winter Dance Party

Times: on Saturday, May 03 2014

The Sex Pistols Experience: Sex Pistols Tribute

Times: on Saturday, May 03 2014

Unfamiliar Ground

Times: From Tuesday, May 06 2014  to  Saturday, June 07 2014

The Simon And Garfunkel Story

Times: on Thursday, May 08 2014

Joe McElderry

Times: on Thursday, May 08 2014

Past Masters: Cliff Richard And The Shadows Tribute

Times: on Friday, May 09 2014

The Tommy Cooper Show

Times: on Friday, May 09 2014

Top ten things to do with your kids in Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Here you’ll find some of the Top 10 things to do with your kids in Grimsby and Cleethorpes; from viewing the famous fishing heritage centre to going to the local ice rink, we have plenty of things to do for children and the entire family…

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