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Grimsby: A brief history

Grimsby has tons of history we have yet to share! Let’s start at the beginning…

The middle ages

Going way back to the ninth century AD, a village was discovered by the Danes, the old Danish word for village would have been ‘by’, the area may have been labelled Grim’s by or Grimmr’s by or village.
By the time the Domesday Book arrived (1086) the population in Grimsby was peaking over 200 – during the middle ages, this was considered a sizeable village.

That village then grew into a port as a result of it standing a nearby a river named the Haven, flowing in to the Humber. The Haven aptly named as it was a haven for shipping during an approaching storm, essentially being a natural place to build a port. It made sense for Grimsby to become a fishing port.

During the twelfth century, Grimsby has transformed into a small, busy port. Goods such as timber from Norway and wine were brought over from Spain and France, along with coal from the Newcastle coast.

The thirteenth century saw the arrival of friars, similar to monks, rather than withdrawing from the world, they would actively go out and preach.

Come fifteenth century and the Haven began to split up, leading Grimsby down a slow path of decline.

Fifteen and eighteen hundreds

Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth century Grimsby continued to decline, along with the population.
The year of 1556 saw the wooden bridge be replaced by a stronger stone one. Grimsby, like every other Tudor town, suffered from the plague that swept the nation, reaching severity in 1590/91.

During the late eighteenth century, Grimsby town revived somewhat with the resurrection of a Town Hall in 1780.

Nineteenth century

In 1801, the small town’s population had 1,524 and thus began is rapid growth in population: by 1831, just over 4,000 and by the end of that year it doubled. The end of the nineteenth century saw the population of Grimsby grow to 75,000!

Twentieth century

1931 saw another surge in growth to 92,000, then levelling off with not much increase through the twentieth century.

The first public library to be opened in the town was in 1900. New shopping centres came about in during that century also: Abbeygate Shopping Centre was built in 1984, Freshney Shopping Centre in 1989 and the National Fishing Heritage Centre opened in 1991.

Currently, Grimsby’s population is 87,000.

We hope you enjoyed our post covering a brief historical view of the town Beeches Hotel is situated in!
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Mother’s Day idea: Pamper and Gift event

Hotel in Grimsby

If you’re in Cleethorpes this Mother’s Day and stuck for things to do, why not spend your evening with a Pamper and Gift event?

Fairs and Events Ltd. are organising this pamper and shopping evening, this is sure to be an amazing experience where mums can be spoiled everywhere with a wide selection of treatments and gifts to choose from.

The event will be hosted at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall, on Monday evening, 9th March, 18:30 – 21:30.
Nine therapists will be available on the night to offer a selection of 15 treatments (which are available for advanced booking) and an array of gift stands will be at the event.

Treatments that will be available are brow shaping/waxing, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, ear candling, facials, hair extensions, hypnotherapy, Indian head massages, lash extensions, makeovers, massages, nails, past life regression, reiki and reflexology – mums will be more than satisfied!

Zoe Metcalfe, organiser of the event, said: “This is a great opportunity to treat your mum, or why not treat yourself on the night; choose from 15 different treatments and therapies and peruse our fantastic gift stands including jewellery, beauty and skin care products, soaps, bath bombs, flowers, preserves, clothing, bags, crystals, cards and stationery, handmade gifts and more!

To book any of the treatments in advance, you can call 07919 263763, alternatively, you can visit the page for further details.

On the day, admissions and parking are free and the cafe will be serving up drinks and homemade delectables.

Spoil your mother this Mother’s Day at the Pamper and Gift event.
If you need a place to stay, please visit our website for information about the Beeches Hotel in Grimsby!

Family activities in Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Grimsby and Cleethorpes are home to many activities, a variety of those being family-friendly that can be enjoyed by anyone.


The Lollipop Express is a short train ride that journeys along the Promenade, beginning from Cleethorpes Pier to the leisure centre.
The ride costs £1 each way, giving out free lollies to the children.
For further information, call 01472 645858.

Discover the Magical Castle and encounter the dragon’s lair on the world’s biggest climbing castle!
While children are exploring the castle, parents can kick back in the lounging area with a cup of coffee, TVs, and free WiFi.
Open daily from 9.30am – 6pm, for details, call 01472 291300

Venture into Jungle World, an interactive adventure for children to better understand the natural world and nature.
Open daily from 10am with the last entry at 3.30pm, call 01472 291998.

To have a picnic, or a general green space to utilise however you would like, head over to Cleethorpes Country Park.
The park is open all year round and, best of all, it’s free!

Haverstoe Park hosts a sensory garden, bowling facilities, as well as tennis and football, and a play area for the kids to enjoy.

Another picnic destination is Cleethorpes Boating Lake.
The Lake is a brilliant spot for fishing, rowing boats and pedaloes. There is also the Discovery Centre near the lake, along with an outdoor paddling pool, children’s sandpit and climbing galleon, there’ll never be a shortage or swans and geese to feed.

A thrill-seeker?
Pleasure Island is brimming with theme park rides, family and kid’s rides, shows, and performances from the birds and sea lions, acrobatic shows and a magic factory!
Call 08445 040104


If you’re looking for natural areas, Weelsby Woods is the place to visit.
The area also boasts an open grassland, play area for the children and car parking.

Found on Park Drive is the People’s Park.
The idyllic park is perfect for relaxing and watching time as it passes. Te hectares of land offers a lake with Coot, Moorhen, Mallard and Canada geese.
It’s a popular destination for recreational activities, and general visitation as the park holds a play area for children to bask in.

Dive into Grimsby’s maritime history at the Fishing Heritage Centre.
Discover the life of a trawlerman and the families of the 1950s, experience sights, sounds and smells from that era as visitors are taken through the Centre’s interactive displays, plunging them right into the deep end.

To uncover the weird and wonderful past of Grimsby by visiting Grimsby Town Hall Goal found deep in the Town Hall’s prison cells.
Open weekly, from 10am – 4pm.
For more information, call 01472 324109.

We can provide you with the perfect base for your travelling ventures about Grimsby and Cleethorpes!
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Events in Grimsby: May to July 2014

There are many up and coming events in Grimsby that excite us, but below are some of the biggest acts in the Grimsby area from May until July this year. Whether it’s music, comedy, fitness, relaxation, history or stage that you crave, be sure to use the following events to fill all of your fantasies!


Times: From Wednesday, May 15 2013 to Wednesday, May 14 2014


Times: From Wednesday, May 22 2013 to Wednesday, May 21 2014

Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

Times: From Tuesday, August 06 2013 to Thursday, July 31 2014

N.E Lincolnshire Makers & Creators. New members evening.

Times: From Monday, September 30 2013 to Sunday, September 14 2014

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Times: From Wednesday, October 23 2013 to Tuesday, October 07 2014

Auction Night

Times: From Tuesday, March 25 2014 to Tuesday, November 25 2014

Trolleybus Museum

Times: From Saturday, March 29 2014 to Sunday, October 26 2014

Rick Wakeman With The Jules Verne Symphony Orchestra

Times: on Thursday, May 01 2014

The Illegal Eagles: Eagles Tribute

Times: on Friday, May 02 2014

Buddy Holly’s Winter Dance Party

Times: on Saturday, May 03 2014

The Sex Pistols Experience: Sex Pistols Tribute

Times: on Saturday, May 03 2014

Unfamiliar Ground

Times: From Tuesday, May 06 2014  to  Saturday, June 07 2014

The Simon And Garfunkel Story

Times: on Thursday, May 08 2014

Joe McElderry

Times: on Thursday, May 08 2014

Past Masters: Cliff Richard And The Shadows Tribute

Times: on Friday, May 09 2014

The Tommy Cooper Show

Times: on Friday, May 09 2014

The Beeches Hotel brings Dean Martin to Grimsby!

The Beeches Hotel is proud to welcome the Dean Martin tribute act on March 28th. Please book well in advance as our little hotel will fill up fast. Great food  will be on offer as always in our beautiful surroundings. We can’t wait for this fantastic evening to come along and hope to see you there.

Deam Martin Tribute

City escapes to countryside hotels in Britain

Do you live in the City and feel like you need a short or long weekend city escape? Get away from all the noise and stress in the city? Sometimes a short break to the countryside is maybe just what you need, but what will you be looking for?

What to look for when finding that perfect countryside escape?


The Beeches

Grimsby beach escapes

Maybe you’re someone who prefers to visit  a location with a nice beech? It isn’t uncommon to want nice sandy beeches and hope that the weather stays clear but sadly in England this is sometimes hard to come by, With only the summer time to enjoy our coastal beeches there isn’t many choices but this beech based in Grimsby would be the perfect walk when you wish to clear your head.


Luxury Hotel Rooms

luxury hotel room escapes

You can’t beat a luxury hotel room to stay in just to help relax yourself more, if you’re one of them people who like to escape the city and book a luxury hotel room to never come out of then this is common too, thousands of people per year visit hotels to escape the city and say they never usually go out even to explore the wonderful towns around.


Attractions in the areaNational Fishing Heritage Centre Grimsby

If you’re not one of them people who prefer to sit in the hotel room when escaping the stress of life then maybe you’re the one to visit as many attractions as you can, if you want to escape the city life then you’ll be willing to travel to a destination packed of historical or breath taking attractions.


cheap hotel escapesLast but not least would of course the cost of city escapes, in today’s world paying top prices to get away isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, resulting in everyone trying to find the best deals or cheapest hotels.. please don’t be fooled to book a sham of a stay! But also don’t over pay for a stay you could of got cheaper, the only way to do this is to just keep looking & scanning the internet.


3 Attractions in and around Grimsby

Main attractions in and around grimsby

Grimsby in the UK was once one of the largest fishing port in the world with over 500 trawlers sailing in and out of the docks during the thriving fishing industry. Today Grimsby still operates as a fishing port but just not as busy as it was in the 1970s.

With the grimsby town centre now completely redeveloped with a modern looking shopping centre (Freshney place), this small town is still a uk historical location to visit for the quiet stays, friendly locals, amazing hotels such as Beeches Hotel Grimsby & the famous fishing docks. Below we have just a small selection of the local ‘places to visit’ within Grimsby.


National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby

National Fishing Heritage Centre Grimsby

The National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby has been one of the most important centres of fishing in this region and across the entire region for many centuries now. This museum which is dedicated to the study of the town as well as the long association with the fishing industry shows a wide variety of fine artefacts on show that bring this illustrious history to life.

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum in Grimsby

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum GrimsbyThe Withernsea Lighthouse Museum in Grimsby features RNLI and HM Coastguard exhibits with displays of old historical photographs, models and documents from Withernsea’s past including the Queens Hotel and train station. This historical lighthouse is no longer active meaning any visitor are allowed to climb the 144 steps to the top of the lighthouse giving you a truly breathtaking view over withernsea and east yorkshire.


Fort Paull in Grimsby

Fort Paull Grimsby

Fort Paull is one of Yorkshires only remaining Napoleonic Fortress, with over 500 years of history within the walls of this superb fortress set in 10 acres with magnificent sight seeing views over the Humber estuary this is a perfect day out for the family!

With its own shop full of artifacts, pictures, postcards and many other little gifts Fort Paull also holds event days and much more.



8 things about Grimsby you might not know.

1. Elton John’s song ‘Grimsby’ was written by Bernie Taupin about his youth spent in the town as a young lad.  One line of the 1974 reads: “Oh England you’re fair, but there’s none to compare with my Grimsby. Through nights of mad youth, I have loved every sluice in your harbour.”

2. The Port of Grimsby is the UK’s largest port by tonnage. During World War II, had the German invasion been successful, Grimsby would have been one of the first landing points in the north of England.

3. Grimsby has featured in films – used for filming scenes for 1986 film ‘Clockwise’, starring John Cleese and Penelope Wilton, while Grimsby’s famous docks were used in ‘This Is England’.

4. Grimsby has homed celebrities! T-Rex bass player Steve Currie, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy actor John Hurt, This Is England star Thomas Turgoose and recent X-Factor contestant Ella Henderson, now signed with Simon Cowell.

5. Grimsby Town Football club, known as the Mariners, is not based in Grimsby! Blundell Park ground is based in Cleethorpes – so the club never really play at home.

6. When the Olympic Torch passed through Grimsby, it was abseiled down Grimsby Dock Tower on Day 40 of the relay.

7. The first North Sea natural gas find was made only 40 miles from Grimsby in 1965.

8. In 1086, Grimsby was mentioned in the Domesday Book, and was listed as having a population of 200. The town now has a population of almost 90,000.

If you’ve been looking for a weekend away, Grimsby has some of the finest seafood in the country and Beeches Hotel and Restaurant would be more than happy to accommodate you.  We are proud of our Brasserie restaurant, cosy hotel rooms.  For more information, please contact Beeches Hotel and Restaurant on 01472 278830 or email us.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Grimsby beeches food