3 Attractions in and around Grimsby

Main attractions in and around grimsby

Grimsby in the UK was once one of the largest fishing port in the world with over 500 trawlers sailing in and out of the docks during the thriving fishing industry. Today Grimsby still operates as a fishing port but just not as busy as it was in the 1970s.

With the grimsby town centre now completely redeveloped with a modern looking shopping centre (Freshney place), this small town is still a uk historical location to visit for the quiet stays, friendly locals, amazing hotels such as Beeches Hotel Grimsby & the famous fishing docks. Below we have just a small selection of the local ‘places to visit’ within Grimsby.


National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby

National Fishing Heritage Centre Grimsby

The National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby has been one of the most important centres of fishing in this region and across the entire region for many centuries now. This museum which is dedicated to the study of the town as well as the long association with the fishing industry shows a wide variety of fine artefacts on show that bring this illustrious history to life.

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum in Grimsby

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum GrimsbyThe Withernsea Lighthouse Museum in Grimsby features RNLI and HM Coastguard exhibits with displays of old historical photographs, models and documents from Withernsea’s past including the Queens Hotel and train station. This historical lighthouse is no longer active meaning any visitor are allowed to climb the 144 steps to the top of the lighthouse giving you a truly breathtaking view over withernsea and east yorkshire.


Fort Paull in Grimsby

Fort Paull Grimsby

Fort Paull is one of Yorkshires only remaining Napoleonic Fortress, with over 500 years of history within the walls of this superb fortress set in 10 acres with magnificent sight seeing views over the Humber estuary this is a perfect day out for the family!

With its own shop full of artifacts, pictures, postcards and many other little gifts Fort Paull also holds event days and much more.